Design, construction and assembly of plants for the capture and cleaning of water entering the hydroelectric plant.This category includes electromechanical works designed to clean river intake or barrier structures such as:

  • Intake racks
  • Trash rack cleaning machines
  • Debris evacuation and storage systems
  • Grab loaders
We are able to provide fully automated systems that are integrated with each other, for installation on plants directly on dams, with the arrival of high material and systems on intake pools, for the removal of minor debris such as foliage and algae.
The types of cleaning machines that we can provide can be divided into:

Telescopic arms cleaner machines
Machines for the cleaning of fluvial systems with a high supply of material; they are composed of a fixed or translating structure on rails to which the telescopic rods that support the cleaning bucket are hinged. The various advantages in terms of efficiency and performance of the machine have given excellent results over time which have allowed us to develop machines more and more suitable for heavy use. The drive of the rod unit of the re - grinder is of the oleodynamic type, with the extraction of the arms of the combined oleo / wire cylinder type with the advantage of complete synchrony without the contact of the oil cylinder with the water.

Hydraulic screen cleaner
Hydraulic machines, where the arms can be of the articulated or simple extension type, in which the cleaning blade/ bucket movement is entrusted to hydraulic cylinders. A power unit manages all movements. The wide versatility of these systems characterizes the type, which can be used for medium filtration systems, up to 6m deep and 6m wide cleaning blade.  

Wire rope cleaning machines
Cleaning machines whose main feature is the bucket or blade handling system realized by the use of a wire rope winch.
The peculiarity of this system is the ability to operate at great depths without significant external dimensions; they can be equipped with blade or bucket depending on the type of material on which they must operate; they can be made either fixed or self-propelled depending on the characteristics of the site. The depth can easily reach even 40m.

Rack mechanic cleaning machines
Machines for the cleaning of medium and small grids for which cleaning is necessary using a comb with an upward stroke.
Among the different types of re-grinders this is the one with a lower environmental impact. Fully mechanical movement without the aid of service hydraulic systems. The high reliability of this type of machine has been much appreciated over time by all our customers.

Intake racks

Filtration grids are made of the most varied shapes and sizes; built to replace existing or new supplies for construction works. They can be made with "classic" rectangular profiles or with "drop" profiles of the hydrodynamic type with consequent advantages for the flow of water and for the cleanliness of the grid.