The company logistics GB Service manages the interchanges with construction sites and end users.

The service, strictly linked to logistics, takes care of the assistance service and the after-sales of the installed equipment.

A project is concluded and a new relationship is created immediately; after sales services represent the dynamic formula that comes from the choice to make each of our customers unique, giving the opportunity to build a customized service that best suits your needs.

One of the strengths that gives prestige to the company is the care of the after-sales service, thanks to a competent technical office that puts its knowledge at the service of the end user.

  • Remote Assistance: development of remote assistance and telediagnostic services, up to a 24 × 7 extension and coverage.
  • Maintenance / Technical Assistance: development of scheduled maintenance contracts (checks, adjustments / calibrations, replacements of worn parts, etc.) and full service contracts structured on different service levels.
  • Spare parts: development of systems for monitoring the consumption of spare parts by different customers, pricing policies and promotional campaigns aimed at customers, specific commercial actions on parts subject to periodic replacement for wear and tear, etc.
  • Training: development of training proposals aimed at customers' staff, on the use and maintenance of the machines.