GB Service technical staff s.r.l. can develop, through 3D design, solid modeling and computerized structural checks, complex products in order to reach the most varied production needs.

Keeping up with the times and strictly linked to quality commercial details, GB Service s.r.l. boasts technical solutions of high detail in the reference sectors.

We believe that the renewal, updating and performance increase of a machine are very important elements. Very often it is not necessary to replace a machine, but it is necessary to have the technical ability to update and transform it over time.

Our ability to innovate and know how to manage projects by merging the various peculiarities of the different commodity groups faced can certainly meet the needs of the customer.

GB Service, thanks to its technicians managing the after-sales service, is able to remotely manage all the installed machines remotely.

Surveillance and maintenance contracts can be defined for all machines; this service, implemented for a reconversion in the Industry 4.0 style, 

and in terms of predictive maintenance.allows a total control of the machine both in production