Design, construction and assembly of all types of sluice gates, for dams and hydraulic regulation.

Our systems are installed on intakes, hydroelectric power plant barriers, works for the industrial use of water.
We can build new plants or overhaul existing ones. Through our skills and equipment we are able to produce high-precision products that ensure high reliability.

Based on the customer's needs, we offer solutions ranging from simple flat-level gates mainly for use in small systems, to the production of gates for bottom drains and large dams.

We are able to manage all parts of the gates in-house, including hydraulic maneuvering systems and development of electrical and software management.

We produce hydraulic systems with customized circuits, control units and electrical and electronic integration to provide our customers with turnkey solutions fully integrated with what is already present in the work.

Revisions are carried out for flat gates, sector, self-regulating flaps, sluice gates for bottom, surface, sand-traps and interception discharges.