The particular experience gained over the years in the processes of welding, beading, calendering and stamping, pressing and transport of materials, has led us to develop machines for the most varied applications.

The main sectors where our machines are successfully installed are:
- Hot water production boiler production sector
- Domestic appliance manufacturing sector

The innovative concepts of the machines we produce are closely linked to the path that our designers undertake together with the end customer.

There is no machine produced by us that has not followed a design path aimed at these main concepts:

  • reduction of waste, optimization of production materials.
  • reduction of energy consumption of the machines.
  • maintenance optimization.
  • ergonomics of the workstation of the operators involved

Thinking about energy savings in terms of industrial production is a very innovative concept, which is becoming essential for every company. Consuming less creates only positive results, if we take into account aspects related to the efficiency of production processes.