G.B. Service S.r.l. company born in 2007 from expert personnel with many years of experience on electro-mechanical industrial, hydroelectric and paper mill sectors.

The inspiring philosophy is to provide a complete service to the customer that starts from the design, constructio, installation and commissioning with the full satisfaction of the client until after-sales assistance.

It has internal staff specialized in all stages of production, from design to delivery of the plant and for after-sales assistance for both mechanical and electeical works and software.

It is also operating for maintenance, revision, modification and technological updating of existing plants, also with the "turnkey" formula; and where necessary, it is able to certify, according to current regulations, the overhauled machinery.

The technical office staff, operating with modern 3d design systems, uses technicians with many years of experience in specific sectors.
The design using Autodesk Inventor e AutoCAD guarantee a high level of design until the end of the work. 

The production sector consists of a carpentry department, a machine tool department and an assembly department that are tightly integrated with each other in order to guarantee efficiency and modularity.

Since the foundation G.B. Service S.r.l. it distinguishes itself for the high quality of its products, guaranteed by the professionalism of its employees and the supervision and direct control of the owners in the various production stages.

The company is certified in the company quality system pursuant to the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standard, in the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management system and the OHSAS UNI EN ISO 18001 management system.