Since the establishment of the company, the maintenance and production of machines for the paper industry has distinguished our technicians.
Our territory, closely linked to the production of paper, has allowed us to achieve high levels of experience in the sector.

To achieve important results, you need something more in the system; we need people who know the specific sector, people with in-depth skills, that guarantee the traceability of information, products and reliable solutions.

The paper industry is faced with increasingly demanding markets, for this reason the plants must always be more performing, in order to produce high quality papers at competitive prices.

In the management of plants that have become so complex, even the processes and systems for managing their reliability and maintenance must be solid and well structured, so as to prevent failures and stops of the continuous machine, reducing maintenance costs and thus maintaining competitiveness on the global market.

We have experience in the construction of tanks, pulper, stainless steel containers, transport systems, hydraulic circuits, steam lines and maintenance of production lines.